Ollie and Reba’s sabbatical, and what came after.

Olliba - 5

Reba (left) is a biochemist whose 2015–2016 sabbatical studies initiated this blog. Since summer 2016 she is a researcher in Stockholm, and maintains this site as a photo gallery.

Ollie (right) is a software engineer whose hidden talents include photography, mixology, and opportunistic adventuring.

Watson & Franklin

We shared several homes in California, Texas, Chicago, and New York with Watson (left) and Franklin (right), before bidding a sad farewell to Watson in fall 2015.

bar - 1

In fall 2020, newborn Connery (left) brought new photogenic energy to our fold.

Photos by Fujifilm X100T/V (23 mm f/2) or iPhone 6/8 except as credited.

One thought on “Bios”

  1. Reba and Ollie- Sounds like you’re off to a great start! Thanks for sharing your sabbatical adventures online- great idea! Glad to learn that those things drying in the sun were figs. Buon anno sabbatico/olliebatico! You’ve already inspired me to
    take a berniebattical. Bernie and Deb


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