Crayfisher colleagues

Shellfish carnage at the obligatory fall kräftskiva, biophysicists edition.


Rock & roller coasters

We didn’t expect Swedish life to involve quite so much amusement-park time; but with historic Gröna Lund in our backyard, hosting sunny-evening concerts from the likes of Beck, Billy Idol, and Ziggy Marley, our season passes got good use this summer. When in Stockholm…

Savoring Jämtland

July weekend on Åreskutan, 4650′ high in the Swedish ‘Alps.’

We stayed for the views, but came for the food—thanks to guest Jenny and a wait-list opening at Fäviken, Magnus Nilsson’s Michelin-starred treasure in nearby Järpen.

Accommodations at Tott Hotell Åre were an equally pleasant surprise. Would love to see this magic mount in its winter glory…

Tällberg traditions

Dalarna sights, some trippier than others, during downtime at the 22nd Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure & Function.

Summer secret

Sunny stopover at Grisslinge Beach en route to Värmdö.

Drone dabbling

Taking the Mavic Air for a spin on a dusky Skinnarviksberget evening.

Celebrating Stephanie

On a personal and historical as well as professional note, this week one of my first mentees — starting six years ago when I was still a postdoc in Texas, continuing remotely during my tenure in New York, and wrapping up in my past two years in Sweden — successfully defended her PhD in Biochemistry from Stockholm University.

Many congratulations, Dr Stephanie Heusser; I hope our scientific and spiritual paths continue to intersect for many years to come.