Feels like summer

Ambient tunes for a(nother) desert women’s weekend.


Rock & roller coasters

We didn’t expect Swedish life to involve quite so much amusement-park time; but with historic Gröna Lund in our backyard, hosting sunny-evening concerts from the likes of Beck, Billy Idol, and Ziggy Marley, our season passes got good use this summer. When in Stockholm…

Mozart, Mendelssohn, and a major musical mentor

Choral singing has loomed large in our family history, including our college years. Reba was among Professor Donna Di Grazia’s first student cohorts in the Pomona College Glee Club—an ensemble her father Andy co-managed 25 years earlier, when he was an undergraduate. This summer, Reba, Andy, and over 75 other alumni made the pilgrimage back to Claremont, California to celebrate Donna’s 20th year on campus, in a concert spanning decades of music and musicians.

Participants worked independently in the preceding months, and reunited for the festival performance June 23rd after just three group rehearsals over two days. The harmony was potent and the company inspiring—a powerful tribute to Donna’s impact on generations of singers, now spread across the world.

For the choral inclined, set list is below.setlistAsterisked (*) photos credit: Megan Kaes Long


Valborgs in Gävle

Celebrating Valborgsmässoafton 100 miles north of Stockholm at the University of Gävle, in concert with local flavor Gefle Dränger, Gävle Vokalensemble, and Babsan.

Summoning Stradivarius

Visiting the violin workshop of Maestro Stefano Conio in the birthplace of Antonio Stradivari.

Lombardy harmony

Exploring the musical landscape of Cremona in northern Italy —

— with the privilege to perform Frank Martin with Akademiska Kören in the Cattedrale.

Last-row photos credit: Dan Codazzi

Elm City cheer

Balmy family Christmas in New Haven, Connecticut.