Fabulous Fez

Oliver and friends visiting Abdel’s family in Morocco’s cultural capital.

Many thanks to Maison Jaafar and especially the Sghiouar family for welcoming our crew so warmly.

Credit to Kenneth Hellem, Per Alexander Löök, Roi Pin, and Leon Pritchard for assiduous photography.

Franklin, 2006–2022

Our boy left life today as giant and gentle as he entered it.

Bouncing back in childhood from at least three death-defying scares, his last decade was a gracious and garrulous retirement — full of languid love for everyone who entered our home, from San Francisco to Austin, New York, Chicago, Connecticut, and finally Stockholm.

A great teacher of how to coast, how to accommodate, how to care. How to anticipate every meal and enjoy the sweet moments after.

What a gift to love you.