Spring shoot

On the first weekend of spring — and the verge of our 10-year wedding anniversary — the generous & talented Rob Nero gifted us some seasonal portraits around Stockholm’s southern island Södermalm.


Peek above the bushes

Catching up with our California community at a mini urban learn-fest, in the vein of Above the Trees:

…including a chance to unpack the liquid nitrogen-ice cream skills:

Winter wander

Oliver on a frosty gentlemen’s getaway in Utah’s national parks.

Rugged determination in Bryce Canyon:

Newfound wisdom in Zion:

San Francisco fantasies

Vibrant new year at the Palace of Fine Arts and California Academy of Sciences.

Gualala holiday

Closing out the year with a family trip through Mendocino County on the northern California coast.

Elm City cheer

Balmy family Christmas in New Haven, Connecticut.

Haga hothouse

Sunday warm-up at the Butterfly House in Haga Park

—and a brisk walk home down the west bank of Brunnsviken.