Peculiar planets

Strange trip through the immersive Planets pickup exhibition by Tokyo-based digital arts collective teamLab.


Tokyo glow

Autumn explorations around the capital of Japan, including flamboyant fall foliage at Lake Yamanaka

— despite disappointing efforts to spot Mount Fuji.

Reba kept busy, presenting at the 2nd Stockholm-Tokyo University Partnership Workshop, and checking out the glorious (shoeless) electron microscopes at the University of Tokyo.

Outside work hours, Shibuya Halloween was a festive bonus.

Dōmo arigatō, Geoff and friends, for thorough and stimulating guidance!

Philosopher’s friends

Post-conference afternoon on Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk, aka Cat Path, with fellow pharmacologist Angela and some largely uninterested furred and feathered locals.

Early-fall foliage was brilliant, from the Silver Pavilion Zen gardens —

— to the towering gate-climb at Nanzen-ji Temple.

Naturally, for two biology enthusiasts, a favorite was animal-themed Otoyo Shrine.

Science after the storm

index_images2018 has been busy with work travel. Among our more distant treks, Reba was fortunate to chair an opening symposium at the International Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism (ISBRA), held this year in Japan. Travel was hairy due to the typhoon four days prior, which decimated traffic at Kansai International Airport, but our symposium speakers managed to arrive in the nick of time.

Brilliant green from the recent downpour, the Kyoto International Conference Center venue conjured appropriate spaceship vibes in the midst of idyllic Takaragaike Park.

Among other tasty treats, conference proceedings ended with a gala dinner and nihon buyō performance — and inauguration of ISBRA’s first woman president, Oregon Health & Science University Professor Tamara Phillips. Glad to have braved the storms!