Savoring Jämtland

July weekend on Åreskutan, 4650′ high in the Swedish ‘Alps.’

We stayed for the views, but came for the food—thanks to guest Jenny and a wait-list opening at Fäviken, Magnus Nilsson’s Michelin-starred treasure in nearby Järpen.

Accommodations at Tott Hotell Åre were an equally pleasant surprise. Would love to see this magic mount in its winter glory…


Guilford grace

Summer sun at the Soell cottage on Long Island Sound.

Mozart, Mendelssohn, and a major musical mentor

Choral singing has loomed large in our family history, including our college years. Reba was among Professor Donna Di Grazia’s first student cohorts in the Pomona College Glee Club—an ensemble her father Andy co-managed 25 years earlier, when he was an undergraduate. This summer, Reba, Andy, and over 75 other alumni made the pilgrimage back to Claremont, California to celebrate Donna’s 20th year on campus, in a concert spanning decades of music and musicians.

Participants worked independently in the preceding months, and reunited for the festival performance June 23rd after just three group rehearsals over two days. The harmony was potent and the company inspiring—a powerful tribute to Donna’s impact on generations of singers, now spread across the world.

For the choral inclined, set list is below.setlistAsterisked (*) photos credit: Megan Kaes Long


Tällberg traditions

Dalarna sights, some trippier than others, during downtime at the 22nd Swedish Conference on Macromolecular Structure & Function.

Celebrating Stephanie

On a personal and historical as well as professional note, this week one of my first mentees — starting six years ago when I was still a postdoc in Texas, continuing remotely during my tenure in New York, and wrapping up in my past two years in Sweden — successfully defended her PhD in Biochemistry from Stockholm University.

Many congratulations, Dr Stephanie Heusser; I hope our scientific and spiritual paths continue to intersect for many years to come.