Breton abundance

Break time in Brittany during a stimulating Jacques Monod Conference.



Navidad Borinqueña

Carribean Christmas with the Soells in Puerto Rico.

Beyond historic San Juan, the quiet northwest coast around Isabela made for a cozy yule —

— including visits from friendly locals.

We spent a refreshing Christmas Eve among the double waterfalls at Gozalandia in San Sebastián.

But the record-setting telescope at Arecibo was our real highlight —

— along with a peek in the rum barrels at Casa Bacardí.

Many thanks to AJ, Kelda, and all our Puerto Rican hosts who made our family excursion into such a joyful holiday.

Sleepless Helsinki

Afternoon shadows and illuminated nights in the Finnish capital.

Our Baltic trek was well worthwhile to catch the King’s Singers on their Golden Anniversary tour, held in magnificent Musiikkitalo concert hall.

Finnish flavor was an equal delight, including tasty bites at Lappi, BellevueKannas, and Hotel Helka, rum at Navy Jerry’s, and most of all the tour/tasting/tapas at Tislaamo Distillery.

Nähdään, Helsinki — till next time.