At home in San Pancho

Distilleries aside, our week on the Nayarit coast—mostly in the tiny village of San Francisco (San Pancho), an hour outside the congestion of Puerto Vallarta—was a gentle spectacle.

The surrounding jungle and beaches teemed with slow-moving wildlife.

Oliver and a few of our housemates took advantage of a sunny morning to catch dorado off the northern coastline.

Dynamics of culture and class are real for a group of white US travelers in Mexico. This was our second time to Nayarit, and the ten of us did our best to minimize our footprint—staying in a shared house (glorious Villa las Clavellinas), coordinating home-cooked meals, splitting a single car (Gecko treated us well), exploring beyond major tourist areas while keeping our environmental impact down. No doubt we fell short, and perhaps there’s no truly responsible way to vacation south of the border. We did learn a great deal, and value enormously the privilege of witnessing this remarkable place in person.

A million thanks to Manuel, Mari, Amairani, and Cesar for making San Pancho home.

Cliffs - 1


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