More than meatballs

We marked our arrival with good food; and as we bid Sweden goodbye (for this time), a few more meals deserved remembering.

SjöbarenIt was a special privilege to sync our trip with Sweden’s brief but fabulous crayfish season. Even through my stricter vegetarian days, I’ve nursed a passion for Cajun crawfish; the enormous, aromatic summer havskräftor (langoustine, sea crayfish) served on the Swedish coast (pictured at top)—particularly at our Stockholm favorite, Bistro Bon—were a distinct but equal pleasure.

Other favorites were unsurprisingly in Södermalm, from higher-end traditional cuisine at Pelikan and Kvarnen to guilty pleasures at Ricardo’s and Nystekt Strömming. Sushi Sho at Odenplan was one of several amazing Japanese meals, while Sjöbaren in Göteborg served up some of the best seafood of our trip.

Grocery shopping in Stockholm provided its own adventures, with copious choices in cured fish, frozen meatballs, and types and consistencies of yogurt. Overwhelming assortments of gummy candy were booby-trapped with mouth-puckering salted licorice; other photogenic favorites included lingonberries, rose hips, and superbroccoli.

We failed to muster our courage for the ubiquitous toothpaste-tubes of Kalles Kaviar, though their recent ad campaign was poignantly entertaining: evidently we identify more with our California than New York roots.

Tack för allt, Stockholm!

Final evening on Kungsholmen


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