Class connections

A side benefit of traveling on sabbatical so far has been reconnecting with former students, from classmates to mentees.

With Michael, SciLife Lab

Michael Hyde stopped through Stockholm last month on a final European tour before beginning work on his PhD. Michael was among my first advisees when I joined the Skidmore College faculty, and one of two students who accompanied me to Stockholm in 2013 to help establish our collaboration with Erik at the SciLife Lab. The connections he made there led to a job in Erik’s lab after he graduated; so, his visit this summer was a reunion for several lab members. No doubt he’ll begin great new things at Tufts this fall.

With Stephanie, Vasastan

Studying in Erik’s group this summer has involved other familiar faces. Stephanie Heusser worked as a pharmacy student with me in 2012, while I was still a postdoc at UT-Austin; after completing her first degree, she decided to pursue her evident research skills in a PhD program. Erik’s group seemed like an optimal setting to pick up her Austin work, and I was thrilled when she joined him as a doctoral student in 2014. It’s been a productive pleasure to work with her once more this summer; thanks to a Swedish student travel award, she will also accompany me back to UT for a few weeks this fall.

With Tim, Gripsholm

On a social note, it was a treat this month to host Tim Sachs on vacation in Stockholm. We were undergraduates together at Pomona College (just a few years back…) and shared, among other things, tours of California and the east coast with our college Glee Club. After graduation, Tim’s music training took him to an editorial position with Grove Music Online and now to managing digital content for its publisher Oxford University Press; we’re glad they gave him a break to see some Swedish sights.

It’s a privilege to share the academic web with such inspiring people, and to revisit our connections from time to time.


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