At home on Kungsholmen

For two weeks the SciLifeLab put us up on western Kungsholmen at the SkyHotel Apartments, a pleasant approximation of camping in a small Ikea display.

Kungsholmen (blue) in Stockholm city
Kungsholmen (circled) in Stockholm city

Kungsholmen, one of the 14 islands that make up Stockholm, lies west of the city center and a 2-mile walk south from the Karolinska Institute labs. A former industrial and shipping area, it was thoroughly gentrified in the early 2000s; still, we could walk to laundry, groceries, subways, bicycles, and kebabs–all the necessities.

We began the ~5-mile walk around the island’s perimeter from the skeleton of piers and small ships on the south shore, many now used by historic tours, cocktail bars, and lazy ankor (ducks).

The eastern shore offered views of Stockholm new and old over the translucent Riddarfjärden (Knight’s Firth), the easternmost bay of Lake Mälaren feeding into Östersjön (the Baltic Sea).

A pedestrian bridge took us across Karlbergsjön (Karlberg Lake) for a lush view of water lilies and the Kungsholmen north shore.

Hornsberg Beach on the western shore is a modern residential area, developed mostly in the last five years. Trendy couples took in the sunset over Ulvsundasjön (urr…Healthy Wolf Lake?) from the boardwalk and outdoor kaféen.

Thanks to Erik and SciLife for kickstarting our Stockholm residency!

Kungsholmen blooms


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